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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Trisha Henriksen

Technical Lead

Trisha maintains a number of roles within projects on the PNNL Drupal team, from client interactions to mid-level development, from mockups to full site design and framework building. Her expertise is in website UI development. Her work on the Drupal team has helped to build team styling standards and best practices, as well as strong mobile-friendly and easily adaptable website design. She employs a variety of skills in using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and the Drupal site framework system, as well as creating high-fidelity designs using Photoshop. 

Trisha has a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology & Culture from Washington State University, with an academic focus on web design and programming. In addition to her work in Drupal, she works on several other PNNL projects using the Ruby on Rails framework system, doing full-stack development.

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