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Advancing Your Web Experience Using Drupal

Leveraging Drupal to create a custom experience.
Drupal is an open-source  content management platform built, used, and supported by a diverse global community of users. By leveraging Drupal’s extensive library of modules, themes, and community documentation, our team is able to create highly customized solutions for our sponsors using an ever-expanding platform of tools.

Our Drupal team specializes in:

  • Organizing large quantities of information into a common structured repository
  • Enhancing user experience by improving usability, content search, and mobile accessibility
  • Creating a custom look and feel or conforming to existing designs when necessary
  • Enabling real-time content editing and publishing
  • Managing complicated workflows to provide a collaborative environment
  • Developing custom features and modules to meet individual sponsor needs
  • Bulk importing data from previous repositories

Why Drupal at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory?
Drupal powers many sites for the federal government, including the White House; Departments of Energy, Education, Commerce, Health, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security; and many more.  Our team brings to the platform a broad range of experience in government research and technology development. Combining the common Drupal framework with our deep understanding of sponsor mission challenges uniquely positions Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to deliver solutions that will meet and exceed our sponsor’s needs.

Demonstrated success
As a team, we have developed and implemented more than 70 custom websites for clients across energy and environment, national security, and fundamental sciences.  We have also developed custom solutions that have helped streamline complex business workflows, enhance staff innovation through idea forums, or promote external visibility of our world-class scientific capabilities. We enjoy long-standing relationships with many of our sponsors and partners, and have a high demand for new and follow-on work.  We are always looking forward to the next challenge!

Agile Software Development.
Our development process is driven by Agile/Scrum and focused on close customer collaborations and frequent delivery of working software. We rely on feedback and continuously inspect and adapt our engineering practices. This Agile mindset creates a dynamic software engineering team that easily adapts to sponsors’ changing needs and priorities.


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